As anyone who has dealt with a burst pipe or winter water leak can tell you, during colder months plumbing issues can be costly and stress-inducing. In areas like Wisconsin that experience freezing temperatures, it’s crucial that you pay attention to plumbing tips that can help you avoid the damage and expenses of winter plumbing problems.

Not everyone has the industry knowledge and experience that we do — that’s why we’re sharing our list of winter plumbing tips to help renters and homeowners alike.

Winter Plumbing Tips

Watch Your Water Pressure

The first of our winter plumbing tips? You can detect frozen pipes by monitoring your water pressure for signs of inhibited water flow. If you detect a change in your water pressure, call on a local plumbing professional to take care of your frozen pipe — sometimes even the best plumbing tips can’t beat expert service!

Let it Drip

On those cold winter evenings, following plumbing tips may be the furthest thing from your mind — but it’s important to remember to let a bit of cold water drip from your faucets. The stream should be just smaller than a pencil’s width. Doing so will help combat freezing, since moving water can’t freeze.

Unhook Your Hose

The next of our winter plumbing tips deals with the outside of your home — your garden hoses and water lines. Be sure to disconnect and drain your hose, or ice will form in it, creating pressure build-up in your interior water lines. If you fail to follow these plumbing tips, a leak or break in the water line can occur, resulting in water damage inside the home.

Protect Your Exterior FaucetsHartland, Wisconsin | Save Money & Stress With Winter Plumbing Tips

Just like you need jackets in the winter, so do your outdoor faucets! Installing insulated faucet jackets on all of your outside faucets is the next step in our winter plumbing tips. These jackets will keep your outdoor faucets — along with the water lines that connect and run into your home — protected from the plummeting temperatures.

Use Shut-Off Valves

One of our quickest winter plumbing tips is to engage the shut-off valves that drain water from the pipes that lead to outdoor hose bibs. You can find these under your sink, in crawl spaces, in your basement, or by your water heater or meter. Just give the valve a twist, and you’ve completed one of our plumbing tips.

Keep it Warm Inside

This is by far the easiest of our winter plumbing tips to complete, since you’ll likely be keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during winter. If you’re relying on firelight and blankets to keep you warm, keep the heat above 55 degrees at least. As the warm air circulates around your home, it will stop the pipes in your walls from freezing. Be sure to open cabinet doors that house your faucets and sinks to help the warm air reach those pipes — then you’ve almost implemented all of our plumbing tips!

Shut Doors & Vents

Our plumbing tips also include shutting all crawl space vents and garage doors — basically preventing any cold outside air from infiltrating your home.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

The last of our winter plumbing tips? Be sure to check your sump pump’s discharge in the winter, as snow build-up or freezing can restrict water drainage and result in indoor flooding!

Follow our winter plumbing tips, and you’re sure to save yourself from the costs and the headaches that come from winter plumbing problems!

Call an Experienced Professional for Winter Plumbing Tips & Service

If you need more winter plumbing tips or you’re dealing with the fallout of a frozen pipe in Hartland, Wisconsin, contact the expert plumbing professionals at All Star Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today. In addition to providing plumbing tips, we offer plumbing installation, repair, and preventative maintenance. We proudly provide 24/7 emergency plumbing service to Hardland, WI and the surrounding areas.

For more on our professional plumbing tips and services, call us today at (262) 367-7300.

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