spring cleaning checklistAfter being cooped up inside all winter, spring is a great time to make a cleaning checklist and get busy. But, spring cleaning without a spring cleaning checklist can end up taking a long time if you are not careful, however. Don’t spend weeks cleaning. Instead, use our help to make your spring cleaning checklist and you will get your cleaning done in a snap.

It’s Time to Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist.

So, what should be included?

Start by going around your home and making a spring cleaning checklist of all the tasks that you want to get done. You might organize your spring cleaning checklist by room or by type of task. Then, once you are ready to begin, you can go down the spring cleaning checklist quickly, crossing items off as you go.


Start your spring cleaning checklist by throwing out as much clutter as you can. The more unneeded items you throw out, the more space you will have and the less you will have to clean. If you have multiples of an item or items that you don’t use or want anymore, donate them or throw them away.

Organize Your Belongings

Your spring cleaning checklist shouldn’t involve just cleaning. Organizing your belongings so they are neat and orderly is important as well. Group books together on the bookshelf, file tax papers and organize your cupboards.

Buy Cleaning Materials

spring cleaning checklist details

Make sure that you have all materials on hand before you begin your spring cleaning checklist. This includes not only cleaners, but also sponges, dust rags, gloves, paper towels, trash bags and whatever else you need. Avoid needing to stop in the middle of cleaning to make a trip to the store.

Deep Clean

Lastly, it is time to get to work and deep clean the space. Wipe all surfaces and clean behind the furniture and knick knacks. Wash windows, do all the laundry and wipe down all the appliances as well.

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