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Hydronic In-Floor Heating

What is Hydronic In-Floor Heating?

In the United States, hydronic in-floor heating is a relatively new technology. In Iceland, Italy, China, and other parts of the world, customers with access to geothermal hot springs are a step above the rest. In fact, people have been building their houses to take advantage of these natural heat sources for hundreds of years. Hydronic in-floor heating circulates hot water underneath floorboards to heat the entire house. This water can then be used for other tasks, such as washing and doing dishes. The water is initially heated by gas, electricity or solar power.


Reduce Energy Costs With In-Floor Heating

The ideal flooring components for this kind of solution are materials that conduct heat well, such as concrete, stone and tile. The use of wood and carpets make this type of heating less efficient. Hydronic in-floor heating reduces energy costs and raises comfort levels. Radiant in-floor heating systems are an efficient and great way to heat a basement living area. These systems are quiet and clean as well as disperse an even amount of heat throughout the floor. These Hydronic In-Floor Heating Systems use flexible tubing filled with heated water. The heated water warms the concrete slab of the basement. The concrete slab then becomes a large radiator that heats the entire basement living area.
Initial installation costs, however, will be higher with a hydronic system. Once the system is installed, your energy costs will drop by as much as 30 percent per month. Let the experts at All Star Heating & Cooling provide in-floor heating to your Hatland WI home. The winter lasts too long, and the temperatures drop too low to keep experiencing the exceptionally high energy costs that both cause.