Quality Air Conditioner Unit ServiceHomeowners have so many small home maintenance tasks to take care of each year that it can be easy to put some of them off indefinitely or to forget some of them altogether. One home maintenance task that homeowners should be sure to remember, however, is to change their air filter. Here are four great reasons why that old, dirty air filter needs to go.

Improve Air Conditioner Unit Performance With A New Air Filter

1. It Compromises Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

An air filter’s function is to filter all the toxins and pollutants out of your air so you can breathe easier. If your air filter is clogged, it cannot do its job. In fact, it is very common for indoor air to be even more polluted than the air outside.

2. It May Be Negatively Impacting Your Health

When your air filter cannot filter the toxins and pollutants out of your air, you are forced to breathe them. If you suffer from congestion, breathing difficulties or other allergy and asthma symptoms, the dirty air filter in your air conditioner unit may be to blame.

3. It Can Reduce the Life of Your Air Conditioner Unit

When air cannot pass through the air filter and into your air conditioner unit easily, it causes extra wear and tear on your air conditioner unit. Over time, this extra wear and tear can easily result in your system breaking down and wearing out faster.

4. It Causes Your Air Conditioner Unit to Use More Energy

An air conditioner unit that cannot circulate air easily has to use extra energy to get the air moving. This extra energy usage increases your carbon footprint and is bad for the environment.

5. It Can Cost You on Your Energy Bills

Not only does the increased energy usage negatively affect the environment, but it also affects your wallet as well. Don’t try to save money by waiting to replace your air filter. Changing your air filter can actually save you money by significantly reducing your energy bills.

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