Air Conditioner Services for Pet OwnersOne very common and effective money saving technique that people try when they notice their bills getting too high is to adjust the thermostat a few degrees when they are home or to turn the air conditioner unit off completely when they are gone. This one simple trick can easily slash a homeowner’s utility bills, making it a very smart move.

Air Conditioning Tips For Pet Owners

For pet owners, however, adjusting the thermostat while they are gone may not be such a smart move after all. Unlike humans, who are able to adjust the thermostat, go swimming or change their clothes as needed to prevent overheating, pets are unable to do any of those things by themselves. Plus, pets often have thick fur coats that make them especially likely to overheat. For these reasons and others, leaving the air conditioner unit on for your pets may be necessary.

There is hope for your wallet, however. Just because you leave the air conditioner unit on does not mean that you have to leave it blasting at full speed. Many pets are comfortable with temperatures ranging between 78 and 80 degrees. If you routinely keep the air conditioner unit set closer to 72, you may still see a substantial savings.

Keep Your Pet Cool and Safe When You’re Away

Of course, the ideal temperature for your pet will vary based on a number of factors. Dogs and cats with longer hair may need a cooler air conditioner setting, while dogs and cats with access to a cool basement may not need to have the air conditioner unit left on at all. Dogs with shorter muzzles that cannot pant are at a greater risk for overheating as well.

Observe your individual pet during the day when you are home. If your pet is always in front of the air conditioner vent or fan, your pet probably needs the cooler air. If your pet likes to bask in the sun, then leaving the air conditioner unit on may not be as crucial. It all depends on your particular pet and his or her needs.

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