With the winter chill spread throughout Wisconsin, the effective heating of your home is probably a priority. You might not be aware that your boiler makes up the majority of your heating bill — and that the average boiler systems operate at only 65% – 75% efficiency!

If you and your wallet are noticing this lack of efficiency, you might be wondering how you can ensure that your boiler operating at its peak. Don’t worry — we know some low-cost maintenance tips and one-time investments you can make to improve the efficiency of your boiler.

How to Improve Boiler Efficiency

Use Optimum Levels of Excess Air

Ensuring your boiler is operating with enough air will by far improve its combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency measures how effectively heat from a fuel is put into usable heat. With limited levels of excess air, one is likely to experience unburned combustibles causing soot, carbon dioxide and smoke. A precise amount of air is necessary in order to combust with a certain level of fuel. You can determine the optimum amount of excess air by analyzing the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen concentration in the air. Adjusting your excess air level will improve your boiler efficiency by 5%.

Wisconsin | Improving Boiler Efficiency

Complete Blowdown

Removing water from your boiler through blowdown will help you improve your boiler’s efficiency. In boiler blowdown, water is expelled from your boiler by the force of steam pressure. With the blowdown process, you minimize corrosion, scale, and carryover while removing solids suspended in the system, resulting in 2% increase in boiler efficiency.

Purchase a New Oil Burner

If your current boiler has an aging or oversized oil burner, it will be cost-effective in the long run to replace the burner. Look into the firing rates and dual fuel capabilities of the new oil burners, as they will allow you to select the least expensive fuel at any times. You can also switch out an oil burner with a natural gas burner without replacing the entire unit.

Installation of Turbulators

Turbulators are metal devices that increase the surface area of a fire tube boiler, increasing heat transfer and slowing combustion gases. Installing turbulators in your boiler could up its efficiency by 2%.

Get Help With Boiler Efficiency in Wisconsin

If you need help returning your boiler to peak efficiency, All Star Heating & Cooling of Hartland, Wisconsin can help you! Let us lower your heating bill by providing necessary boiler maintenance and repairs. We always work efficiently to return your home to its ideal comfort level — even with fierce Wisconsin winds howling at your window!

For more on our professional boiler and heating services, call us today at (262) 367-7300.

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