heater repairWhen it comes to heater repair in Hartland and Waukesha, Wisconsin, look no further than the experts of All Star Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. Whether you need your furnace belt repaired or your burners cleaned and serviced, our skilled professionals are prepared to assist with your heater repair needs. If you need heater repair, we are your one-stop shop.

How We Can Help With Heater Repair

Pilot Light Repair

One of the most common heater repairs made is the fixing or replacement of your furnace’s pilot light. When this important component malfunctions, it can result in anything from limited spurts of heat to no heat altogether, things nobody wants to experience when it’s cold outside.

Dirty Air Filters

Just as the name suggests, this heater element serves to filter the air that passes through your furnace and into your home. Like any filter or vent, this quality control component needs to be regularly serviced. Failure to do so can result in anything from inadequate air floor to overall heater inefficiency.

Additional Heater Repairs

Our skilled technicians frequently repair everything from heater belts to fans, just to name a couple things. While regular maintenance is a good way to prevent heater breakdowns, it does not always equate to repair prevention.

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