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Save Energy with Buderus

Benefits of Buderus Boilers and Heating Systems to Save Energy in your Home.

It’s easy to save energy with a Buderus heating system. Condensing boiler technology is the most efficient, environmentally friendly system for gas heating available today. Thanks to lower fuel consumption and less expensive heating costs with a Buderus system, condensing boilers usually pay for themselves in only 2 to 5 years. Additionally, a modern Buderus condensing heating system increases the value of the building as well as quality of life by reducing emissions. If you live in the Hartland or Waukesha, Wisconsin, area, contemporary condensing technology offers an intelligent, easy-to-install heating solution to rising fuel costs and meets air quality regulation requirements.

Why Choose a Buderus Heating System?

Buderus has a full product line including condensing and wall-hung boilers, domestic hot water storage tanks, climate and energy controls, panel radiators, solar heating systems and other hot water heating accessories. Buderus heating systems provide Hartland homes with more consistent, more comfortable heat using far less fuel than conventional high-temperature systems.

Why Hydronic Heating?

Efficient Energy Solutions With Buderus

Buderus commercial boiler systems are designed to deliver high levels of energy efficiency, reliable heating, and a long product life. Manufactured in Europe to their strict safety standards, all Buderus products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure total safety, durability, and outstanding performance year after year. We know your Waukesha home deserves the best, which is why we hold ourselves accountable for producing the best heating system products on the market.

Engineering Made Easy – Thanks to High Quality

Buderus heating systems offer advanced condensing technology in a compact, robust form—with high-grade components that meet every demand. All of that plus the freedom to use the available space as you want it, thanks to compact dimensions and the option of a balanced flue operation with a Buderus heating system.

Buderus Featured Products

Buderus boilers, water heaters, hydronic heating, panel radiators, and solar products for residential applications in Hartland, WI.

Gas Products

Buderus gas products are modern and functional with higher efficiencies, low pollution levels and economical for any Waukesha, Wisconsin, home.

Solar Products

Buderus solar technology systems offers any number of opportunities for new houses or new heating systems, for hot water heating, or for central heating backup.

Controls for Home Owners

Eliminate the wide temperature swings of conventional heating systems by using Buderus Controls.

Domestic Hot Water Tanks

Buderus’ new methods of producing and storing domestic hot water have allowed for greater operating efficiencies, lower fuel consumption, and consistent hot water.

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