Bryant HYBRID HEAT® Dual Fuel System

bryant hybrid heat

A Bryant HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system automatically selects the most economical fuel source for heating your Hartland, WI, home. The Bryant HYBRID HEAT system is comprised of a heat pump, which allows for electricity-fueled heating and cooling, as well as a gas furnace, an indoor coil, and an Evolution® control.

This system combines the strengths of a gas furnace with an electric heat pump. The result? A system that delivers the comfort and efficiency you need in both warm and cold seasons to give you more control over your utility bills.

As outdoor winter temperatures change, the Bryant HYBRID HEAT system automatically switches between the heat pump and furnace to utilize the most cost-effective fuel source and maintain greater efficiency with your Bryant HYBRID HEAT system.

Because a Bryant HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system provides the flexibility to work with multiple fuel sources, it offers additional protection from unpredictable fuel cost increases — something any homeowner can appreciate. And the Bryant system is so efficient, its heating costs are less than with any gas furnace alone. So, what’s holding you back? To experience energy efficiency and comfort that only the Bryant HYBRID HEAT dual system can provide, contact us today.

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