Heat and air conditioning offers comfortable temperatures indoors during Wisconsin’s hot summers and cold winters. If HVAC service is not performed, or performed correctly, then you have a recipe for unpleasant temperatures and unnecessarily high energy bills. We perform HVAC service and installation on some of the finest systems in the market to keep your home at the right temperature. Our technicians test systems after installation to make sure everything is properly functioning.

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In addition to installation, we have trained and qualified HVAC service and repair technicians to take care of any issues that may arise with your heating or cooling system. Duct cleaning is an essential service required to maintain these systems. Over time, ducts can become coated with dust and dirt from the air, which lowers the quality and efficiency of your system. This HVAC service ensures that your ventilation is functioning at peak efficiency which translates to lower energy bills.

Hydronic In-Floor HVAC Service

We also offer installation and maintenance of Hydronic in-floor systems. These systems consist of boiler and transfer fluids that circulate under the floor. With this system, heat is evenly distributed without the use of ducts or vents. The boiler heats the fluid and then pumps it out into the pipes under the floor. Once the fluid delivers the heat, it is pumped back into the boiler to be heated up again.

All Star Heating & Cooling has been performing HVAC service since 1904

We are highly experienced and have over a centuries worth of experience in the HVAC service field. Our HVAC technicians have experience with all of these systems and we always make sure that everything is up to your standards when performing repairs and installations. The proper functioning of heating and cooling systems is essential in Wisconsin, and we take your energy bills seriously. Contact us for a consultation and to schedule service appointments and installations.

All Star Heating and Cooling provides HVAC service to the Lake Country Area. Call us today at (262) 367-7300 for 24 hour HVAC service!