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Your HVAC Installation All Stars

All Star Heating and Cooling specializes in new HVAC installation. Our HVAC technicians are fully trained, insured and bonded. We are committed to providing residents with the quickest, most affordable installation of their home heating and cooling systems. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction with every HVAC installation. Let All Star Heating and Cooling be your home’s energy appliance partner and HVAC installation service!

Furnace Installation

Installing a new furnace is not cheap. We can install a new furnace that effectively meets your budget and meets your home heating needs.

If your old furnace has broken down, and you’re looking at over $500 worth of repairs, you should seriously consider replacing that old furnace with a new one. Even if your old furnace is still working,most likely it was not designed to be fuel-efficient. With furnaces that are over 10 years old, you may be losing as much as 40 percent of the fuel to heat your home due to heating system inefficiencies. You will lower your heating costs dramatically by the installation of a more energy efficient HVAC system.

Air Conditioning Installation

Is there anything more uncomfortable than a sweltering room on a day when the temperatures are soaring? All Star Heating and Cooling provides HVAC installation for air conditioning units and cooling systems; ranging from single units to central air systems in homes that never had it before. This installation procedure can be more complicated than you imagine, involving compressor and condenser coils, along with indoor and outdoor installations. This is definitely one installation job you do not want to attempt yourself!

Proudly Providing HVAC Installation To Hartland WI Since 1904

We have been in the HVAC business for a long time. In that time we have learned that people want to be treated kindly and fairly. This may seem obvious, but unfortunately customer service seems to be lost on many HVAC businesses. We defend your comfort honestly and courteously  — look to the experts at All Star Heating and Cooling to handle all your  HVAC needs.

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