Doctors say the number one culprit for poor indoor air quality are HVAC systems that have not had a duct cleaning.

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Ducts that are not regularly cleaned collect mold, bacteria, viruses and dust mites. Ducts also become repositories for pollen and animal dander. If you want to breathe more easily, call the experts at All Star Heating and Cooling and get your duct cleaning performed by Hartland, Wisconsin’s All Stars.

HVAC Duct Cleaning: What Does it Involve?

We inspect your air duct systems before effectively identifying all problem areas. We make sure that no dust, grime or contaminants are left behind in any duct once the job is completed. We use a combination of high-powered hoses and vacuuming devices, as well as agitating units to remove all contaminants from your system and ensure a great HVAC duct cleaning.

When duct systems are particularly elaborate, we may need to cut small access holes into the main supply and return ducts, especially near the furnace. Once the process is complete and the ducts are clean, access holes are sealed over and the debris is bagged. The material from the ducts is then transported from your house and safely disposed of.

If your ducts have any opening through which moisture can enter the closed system, chances are they harbor some kind of mold. If you can see mold on the ducts, or if you notice large amounts of dust escaping from the diffusers, chances are you have a problem and need a HVAC duct cleaning. Experts say that most duct systems that are over 10 years old usually harbor small cracks and fissures. Don’t take chances with your health. Schedule a regular HVAC duct cleaning with the experts at All Star. We’re here to keep you healthy!

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For HVAC duct cleaning in the Hartland, WI, area, call the All Stars at (262) 367-7300. We strongly believe in this service and the positive health benefits that it may yield. We have been around since 1904, and we have never lost sight of what is most important: You, our customer.

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