furnace replacementWhen it is cold outside, the furnace is a key player in the home heating process — especially in a place with cold temperatures like Wisconsin. At All Star Heating, Cooling and Plumbing of Hartland, Wisconsin, we understand how important it is to have this crucial component up and running efficiently. Good maintenance and repairs can achieve this help over the lifetime of your furnace.

However, sometimes altogether furnace replacement is needed.  Unsure what the telltale signs you need furnace replacement are? Unfamiliar with the many benefits of replacing an old, inefficient furnace? We want the residents of Hartland and Waukesha, Wisconsin, to get the most of their furnaces, so we are here to help familiarize you with your furnace.

Telltale Signs Your Furnace Needs Replacement:

Strange Noises

Though your furnace will make some normal noises when it first comes on or shuts off, listen for any strange, loud noises, as these could indicate a need for furnace replacement. Often, an old or damaged furnace fan is behind the racket. Rattles, bangs, clunks, and squeals could all indicate that furnace replacement is in your near future. Your local furnace expert will be able to diagnose if these noises call for furnace repair or full-on replacement.

Rising Bills

Are your utility bills unusually high? If your provider hasn’t introduced a rate hike, then a faulty or underperforming furnace could be the culprit — and this might necessitate furnace replacement. As your impaired furnace works overtime to compensate for its damage, it will use more power and thus cost you more money. Once you get furnace replacement, the bills will return to normal — and perhaps even improve!

Flame Color Changes

When your furnace’s flame changes from blue to another color — usually flickering or a yellow, sooty color — then furnace replacement is in order. This is a dangerous situation because the color change could be due to leaking carbon monoxide, which can cause very serious health risks. If you notice these color changes as well as black soot buildup and excessive moisture around the furnace, evacuate your home and seek furnace replacement right away.

Constant Furnace Repair

If you’ve put a lot of money into repairing your furnace already yet it keeps malfunctioning, full-on furnace replacement is probably the next step. It will be less costly and more effective to invest in furnace replacement now rather than paying for furnace repairs every 2-3 years.

Expired Furnace Warranty

Furnace manufacturers provide warranties that guarantee their units will function for a specific number of years — and when that warranty expires, it’s a good indication that the furnace won’t perform as well. This can lead to very costly repairs that will rest solely on you since the warranty period has ended. Rather than take the gamble, be aware of your furnace’s optimal age for performance and consider furnace replacement once the warranty has lapsed.

Need Furnace Replacement in Wisconsin?

Tackling furnace replacement can be a drawn-out process if you don’t partner with Hartland and Waukesha’s finest furnace experts. At All Star Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we can help you select a new energy-efficient furnace from our top-of-the-line inventory, plus provide expert furnace replacement to ensure that your unit works perfectly in your home or business.

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