Is your furnace making noise and you’re not sure why? Last week we shared some of the reasons why your furnace lets out screeches, chirps, rattles, bangs, and thuds. This week, we’re finishing the series with more details on what it means when you hear your furnace making noise.

Furnace Making Noise? Here’s Why.

Booms or Thuds

Another sound often confused with the furnace making noise? Booms or thuds emanating from the ducts. These noises are made as the ducts expand and contract in the cold, particularly if your basement or the area housing your furnace is not heated. However, in some cases a boom could be your furnace making noise due to dirty burners. You can remove and clean the furnace burners with hot and soapy water, then reinstall them once they are thoroughly dry.

If you determine neither the ducts or the furnace are making the noise, you might have a defective gas valve — in which case you should call in a pro. If you’re in Hartland or Waukesha, WI, All Star Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing can help detect and treat your furnace problems!

Strange Vibrations or Whining

When yaou hear your furnace making noise that sounds like whining or odd vibrations, you should call a furnace repair specialist immediately. These sounds could indicate a number of serious problems with your furnace, which may require extensive repairs or full furnace replacement.

Loud HummingHartland & Waukesha, WI | Why is My Furnace Making Noise? Part 2

Is your furnace making noise when it gets cold outside? If it’s a loud hum, it’s likely the furnace burners. While it’s no reason for concern, if the sound annoys you, you can turn off the pilot or “on” control to lower the burner flame.

Rattles During Start-Up

You’re probably used to your furnace making noise as it starts up. One you don’t need to worry about: a rattling sound. This is probably a motor bearing, and it’s a normal occurrence.

Crackling During Shut Down

You might also hear your furnace making noise during shut down. The crackling sounds are created when the furnace’s metal components cool down. No need to worry — these are also normal!

Clunking or Bumping

When you hear your furnace making noise like clunks or bumps, then it could have a cracked belt. Your local furnace expert will be able to diagnose the problem and provide and install a replacement.

Pings or Pops

A small pinging or popping sound might seem like your furnace making noise, but again is probably coming from the ductwork. This is a normal sound that ducts can make when they’re functioning normally, meaning there’s no reason to worry!

Worried About Your Furnace Making Noise?

Concerned about your furnace making noise and in need of a furnace repair expert to diagnose the problem? If you’re near Hartland or Waukesha, WI, call All Star Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing today at (262) 367-7300.

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