Homeowners and business owners are turning to different solutions to keep their property warm during the winter. Many are looking for energy-efficient options that save money and help reduce waste.

Radiant floor heating is a solution for many homeowners.

Radiant heat transfer is the delivery of heat from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room through infrared radiation. Radiant floor heating systems offer unique benefits.Floor Radiant Heating

Radiant Floor Heating is Energy Efficient

Radiant floor heating is an efficient form of heating. For some structures and spaces, radiant floor heating might be the most efficient heating source. It brings an evenly heated atmosphere — this increases the comfort level without wasting much of the energy required. When you install a radiant floor heating system, you can save as much as 30 percent on your energy costs.

Floor Heating Reduces Allergens

Floor heating systems can ease allergies for those who suffer from exposure to certain allergens. Radiant floor heating does not distribute allergens. People with allergy problems will appreciate that dust and other allergens are not circulating throughout the home.

Radiant Floor Heating is Durable

Radiant floor heating is a reliable method for buildings that will experience significant wear and tear. The equipment is long-lasting and durable.

Floor Heating is Out of Sight

You won’t see the heating elements when you install floor heating. This equipment is essentially invisible — it gives a clean look to your space.

Install Radiant Floor Heating

If you’d like to warm up and see savings today, contact the team at All Star. We have experience installing and maintaining hydronic in-floor heating. Installing the new system is a simple process — just let our team get to work!

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  1. The wooden flooring in my kitchen has gotten scratched up and worn over time, and I’m considering replacing it with tile and getting a Radiant Floor Heating with it. I appreciate how you mention the floor heating system as saving energy by giving a more wide-spread heating source to the home, and because I have really poor circulation through my legs, having a warm floor to walk on would be a great benefit to me. It’s good to know, also, that the system will last a long time, and I’ll be sure to discuss the option of having it installed with my flooring contractor.

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