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Staying Calm During the Storm

Well… it seems as though spring has finally arrived. After what seemed to be the most drawn out winter in history, April showers have brought the stormy weather! The wind and storms have been heavy and loud so far, but here are some simple guidelines for storm safety:

  • spring storms

    Stay away from windows. Strong winds can blow debris against the windows and you want to be extra careful.

  • Tune in to the news. You don’t want to miss any warnings and if the weatherman says to go to the basement, head down right away.

  • Keep flashlights and a radio in the basement with plenty of batteries. In case the power goes out, you’ll know exactly where they are.

  • During a power outage, turn off all appliances. When the power is restored, this will help avoid a circuit overload. We recommend leaving 1 or 2 lights on so you know when the power is back.

  • If you see any power lines down, call your local power company right away. Stay clear of these- they are very dangerous. Keep pets inside until this is taken care of.

During spring storms, you will probably see a lot of lightning. But did you know that a bolt of lightning can damage things like your TV and computer? Be sure your power strips are equipped with surge protectors to avoid that damage caused by electric overloads.

Besides your electronics, did you know that your heating and cooling system are also at risk? You may not have realized, but these are also at a major risk of being damaged during a storm.

Contact Allstar Heating and Cooling to ask about surge protection for your furnace and air conditioner. You don’t want to risk any damage to your comfort appliances that could cause major repairs or even replacement. Prevent this expense and inconvenience and call us today.

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