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Leaky Air Ducts – Is Your Home Losing Its Cool?

air-ducts-home-comfortDid you know that the biggest factor of your air conditioner’s efficiency comes from your air ducts? If your AC’s ductwork is perfectly sealed, your cooling system will run very efficiently. But if you’re unsure, it could be costing you.


How do I know if I have leaky air ducts?

The majority of your home’s ductwork is hidden behind walls and out of site. This makes it tough to tell if things are warped or leaking.

Warning signs of leaky air ducts may include:

  • Certain rooms in your home aren’t cooling or heating

  • Your cooling costs are unusually high

  • As you move away from the AC or furnace, rooms are more stuffy and uncomfortable

Why should I have my air ducts sealed?

First and foremost, air duct sealing could improve your air conditioner’s efficiency by up to 30%. Additional benefits to air duct sealing include:

Home Comfort- Eliminate hot and cold spots in your home by creating an even temperature with improved overall comfort.

Energy Saving- Your HVAC system’s efficiency is greatly reduced from leaky ductwork allowing cool air to escape. Eliminate these energy losses and lower your energy bills with duct maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality- Properly sealed air ducts will improve your home’s indoor air quality by keeping out unwanted contaminants and allergens.

Improved Safety- Leaky ductwork in your system could could draw in toxic air from your home’s gas appliances via backdrafting. The risk of backdrafting can be significantly decreased with properly sealed air ducts.


If you want your air conditioner’s efficiency improved, contact Allstar Heating & Cooling today for more information on air duct maintenance.


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