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Heating Problems: Why is My Furnace not producing enough heat for my house?

Your furnace has an important job- it keeps you comfortable as the cold winter winds and snow blow in. What happens if your furnace isn’t keeping your home warm? This is an unfortunate problem that some Kansas City residents will have to deal with this winter. If you find yourself in this position, you’ll need to know the cause of your problem before you fix it. Here are some common causes for a furnace that does not produce enough heat.

Cold under blanket at home

Thermostat Causes Heating Problems

Your thermostat and furnace work together. The thermostat tells your furnace when to turn on to heat the house. If your thermostat is not functioning correctly, it could be making the wrong signals to your furnace and leaving your home feeling chilly.

Gas Burners are Dirty

Sometimes the gas burners in your furnace get dirty. This can cause your heater to produce less heat than desired. A professional has the tools and knowledge to clean and adjust the gas burners.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common causes of a lack of heating is a dirty air filter. The filters are designed to keep the furnace parts clean, but they often end up acting as an air cleaner in your home, collecting large amounts of dust, dirt, and other particles. To prevent this, change your filter regularly according to the type of filter your furnace requires.

Poor Ductwork

Dirty or blocked ductwork can prevent heated air from filling your home. Your furnace will work harder to heat your home if there are issues with your duct system. This problem requires the help of a professional who is familiar with ductwork systems.

If you notice that your home is not being heated enough, one of these factors may be the root of your problem. We are happy to check out your furnace, thermostat, and duct system to see if any of these are causing problems. We want you to stay warm in your home all season long. To schedule your heating inspection, call All-Star Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to let the experts take care of your heating system.

  1. Regular maintenance and service on furnace units will increase its efficiency which increase its heat outcome to be maximized.

  2. Looks like there are quite a few complications that can arise with your furnace. Good to know!

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