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Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter

As the winter months approach and the temperatures drop, our homes become the refuge from the cold. Here are some simple changes you can make to keep your heating bill low during the winter. Keep blinds open during the day and closed at sunset. This will allow

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Preventing Winter House Fires: Protect Your Home with a Furnace Inspection

With heating systems starting to fire up in homes across the area, it’s time to start thinking about the potential fire hazards that arise this time of year. As homeowners start their furnaces and fireplaces, they often do so without having them inspected, simply expecting them to

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Great Escapes: Getting Your HVAC and Plumbing Vacation Ready

Fall is one of the best times of year to get away. Whether it’s for a long weekend or an entire seven-day adventure, the season provides a great opportunity to embrace cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery. And thankfully we live in an area filled with lakes and

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Save Big with Programmable Thermostats

This summer energy bills across the U.S. took a beating as we faced extreme heat and drought. Even the most thick-skinned of folks found themselves at the mercy of their air conditioners when the temperatures soared into the triple digits. As a result, we all paid the

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