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6 Smart Strategies When Purchasing an Air Conditioner

Purchasing a new air conditioner for your home is a large and expensive purchase. 7_23_air_conditioner Choosing a new heating and cooling system or replacing an old one is a large improvement to your home. It’s important to make an informed decision in order for your system to last 10 or more years.

Your new system should provide your home with comfort all year-round and even lower your energy bills.

During this process, remember these basic points:

1. Choose a trusted contractor.

Doing business with someone you trust is important because you’re going to need their advice and opinions. Ask friends and family for recommendations and then do some individual research. You’ll want to make sure the contractor has been in business for several years and can be counted on to return if you need them to.

2. Ask for the contractors advice and take it.

Someone with experience is going to be able to provide an expert opinion, unlike the internet. A personal relationship with your contractor will provide suggestions about what’s best for your home.

3. Buy the best AC for your home.

It all depends on your house and the climate you live in, and the placement and condition of your air ducts. Make sure the contractor does their homework and visits your attic or basement and AC in the yard.

4. Bigger isn’t always better.

An oversized AC will start and stop too often, costing you more energy and increasing the risk of mechanical breakdowns. They also won’t run long enough to dehumidify the air. A smaller unit is going to run longer and perform more efficiently.

5. Consider improving your home’s duct work.

When accompanied with bad ducts, even the most energy-efficient system will underperform. Leaky air ducts can be very costly and you may need to reseal or reconnect ducts.

6. Avoid only considering price.

If you receive an especially low bid, this may be a red flag. Paying a little more will be worth it when this includes a warranty or a guarantee.


Remember, a new air conditioner is a big purchase, so choose wisely. This should be something to improve your air quality and comfort, not break the bank.


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