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Monthly archive for August 2012

In Case of Plumbing Emergency…

It happens in every house. The pipe under the sink springs a leak, the toilet overflows or, worse, something floods. Plumbing is just like every other aspect of a home in that it often needs to be repaired. The main difference between plumbing and other issues, however,

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Under Pressure

In today’s fast-paced world, we all know how it feels to be under pressure. There’s always something demanding too much of our time, attention and energy, and it causes us an enormous amount of stress. If something doesn’t change and alleviate the pressure, we either spring a leak (e.g.

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Save Big with Programmable Thermostats

This summer energy bills across the U.S. took a beating as we faced extreme heat and drought. Even the most thick-skinned of folks found themselves at the mercy of their air conditioners when the temperatures soared into the triple digits. As a result, we all paid the

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The Damage of Dirty Ducts

  Does your air conditioner seem to be working overtime? It may not just be the extreme heat. The problem could be more fundamental than you imagine. Take a look around your house. Does it always seem to be dusty no matter how many times you pull

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Finding the Right Filter

Last week we discussed the importance of changing the filter in your air conditioner. It’s an important piece of equipment that needs to be replaced periodically based on your home and lifestyle. And now that you know how important it is to change your filter, it’s time

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Its HOT outside and your Air Conditioner is working overtime!

It’s hot! There’s no debating that this summer has been one of the most challenging to endure here in the Hartland, WI area. On top of the record lack of rain, our temperatures have been soaring into the triple digits most days, causing us to want to

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