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10 Unique Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for some bathroom decorating ideas that are fun and unique? Skip the big box store with its collection of the same boring toilets and fixtures that everyone else has and go for one of these instead.

Sparkly Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Swarovski Toilet

Make your bathroom sparkle! Hang a chandelier from the ceiling, use glass or cubic zirconium knobs for the towels, hang a sparkly shower curtain and cover your toilet with tiny crystals.

Holiday Themed Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Christmas Toilet

Buy holiday themed shower curtains, towels, rugs and toilet covers and the holiday celebrations never have to end!

Comfort First Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Toilet Chair

If the bathroom is the one place in your home where you can relax, you might as well make it truly relaxing with an armchair toilet or an inflatable toilet.

Food Themed Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Orange Zest Toilet

Toilet seats that look like pizzas or oranges are the perfect way to distract yourself from what your food looks like after you are done with it.

Animal Themed Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Aquarium Toilet

Are you an animal lover? Spring for a cat-themed toilet seat cover or a toilet that doubles as an aquarium.

Nature Themed Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Galaxy Toilet

Don’t just bring a few twigs and leaves in from outdoors. Buy a toilet in a seasonal or galaxy theme.

Luxury Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Quilted Toilet

Your bottom deserves nothing less than the best. Buy a quilted toilet seat cover or a cover with a Louis Vuitton logo.

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